Alida’s Signature Trauma Release Process.

Our unique process is designed to guide you through the journey of trauma release with compassion, intuition, and proven techniques.

Alida's process will:

  • Address the root causes of trauma.
  • Easily release trapped trauma.
  • Liberate you from emotional burdens.
  • Reconnect with your body's wisdom.
  • Gain clarity on life's purpose.
  • Break free from limiting beliefs.
  • Tap into inner strength and resilience.
  • Navigate past traumas with compassion.

Take a Peek Inside a Trauma Release Session

In these transformative 50 min. sessions, clients frequently experience multiple liberations of stagnant energy, all within a sacred space where your body's wisdom is guided to lead.

Alida's acute sensitivity to your body's signals and pain points guides her in pinpointing precisely where your body needs to venture for effective trauma release.
What sets Alida's approach apart is her deep understanding that the origins of trauma need not be vocalized. You won't find yourself recounting difficult details here. Instead, Alida's diverse toolkit, ranging from family constellation techniques to energetic incantations, works harmoniously to unravel generational trauma and untangle past bondages.

Despite the sessions being conducted via Zoom, rest assured that a safe, non-judgmental space is meticulously crafted. Central to Alida's methodology is the imperative shift into a parasympathetic state, where true healing blossoms.

The body's innate ability to release and process trauma is nurtured and guided by Alida, who adeptly addresses any impediments to this cathartic natural process.

Transformative Magic: Alida's Comprehensive Trauma Release

Alida's groundbreaking Trauma Release Method comes from potent fusion of multiple techniques, SOUL, TRANSFORMATIONAL, PURPOSE, and SUBTLE BODY Coaching.

SOUL coaching

SOUL coaching

Delves into the art of rediscovery, inviting you to reconnect with your authentic self. It's an ingredient that forges a genuine Heart connection, serving as an unwavering guide for the symphony of your life.



It addresses core issues, shifting negative identity from past programming, fostering significant mindset transformation. This method crafts a new narrative, a crucial process to expedite progress and confront challenges effectively. Within this transformative journey, only a renewed identity and mindset can navigate setbacks, ensuring sustained success.

PURPOSE coaching

PURPOSE coaching

Ignites the flame of your life's purpose, casting a radiant compass that leads with unwavering certainty. This transformative ingredient empowers you to sync every step with the harmonious melody of your heart's inner calling, creating a purposeful and fulfilling journey.

SUBTLE BODY coaching

SUBTLE BODY coaching

Acts on the body and the Body-Mind connection, sharing base principles with somatic therapy or somatic experiencing. It goes beyond body and mind, integrating layers such as the spirit, making this comprehensive approach more complete and effective in fostering holistic transformation. Its focus is on easily liberating the wounded aspects that tend to stray from our authentic self. The magic unfolds when we banish the false self and its glitchy programs from the body, paving the way for a profound and enduring transformation.

Maximizing Results with Alida's Transformational Approach

Ready to embark on a structured journey of trauma release and profound transformation? Our coaching packages, starting at 6 sessions, offer a meticulously crafted framework designed to guide you through the process of healing and growth. Explore the structured guidelines below, tailored to facilitate your journey towards liberation and empowerment.

Alida's Step-by-Step Coaching Guidelines for 6 sessions or more.

Step-by-Step Coaching Approach
Clarity of Desire

Clarity of Desire

The process begins by

painting a vivid picture of your aspirations. Through a comprehensive Life Assessment, we'll navigate crucial aspects of your life. This panoramic view empowers you to pinpoint the exact areas that matter most. This way, your time and energy invested in our sessions guarantee the highest returns.

Intention & Goals

Intention & Goals

Crafting your aspirations and shaping your emotions are at the core. Together, we'll unravel the feelings you wish to transcend or manifest. These insights will crystallize into your potent GOAL STATEMENT – a manifesto of your yearnings. Through my guidance, you'll tap into your heart's wisdom, expressing your intentions from a mindset of abundant love.



Reconnecting to your Body and its Wisdom is a process that takes time and care to build, just like a new friendship.

Starting with our first session, we employ gentle techniques to ease traumas and blocks in your body, all under your body's guidance. As your body connection deepens, we progress to advanced methods for reducing or eliminating these obstacles and traumas.



Post each session, you'll receive tailored homework to enhance healing and embrace your transformed self. Note the in-between moments, as new challenges or triggers point toward your body's next focus. To accelerate your progress, utilize the tools provided during coaching to integrate into daily life.

Review Results

Review Results

In our Coaching Sessions, we will assess progress by rating the discomfort, fear, or blocks before and after. This liberating process is empowering, and for tracking purposes, I cherish the final review. In the last session, we'll evaluate your progress on GOAL STATEMENTS and compare them to the beginning.

Explore next level

Explore next level

Walking this life as our Authentic and Aligned Self is the best feeling ever.
Defining our next steps is crucial to prevent old habits from resurfacing. You'll receive personalized guidance to thrive in this journey and can opt for a follow-up session to ensure you're on your desired path.

Getting Ready for an Empowering Session? Your Journey Begins Here!

Trauma Release Coach Expert

The greater your commitment, the more remarkable your results!

During the session:

  • Calm space, headphones if needed
  • Good stable Internet
  • Zoom + camera on
  • Computer screen or hand free device
  • Disconnect from distractions

In between sessions:

  • Practice the prescribed exercises to deepen the Process
  • Write in your favorite note book what's coming up for you, what has changed.

Curious about the timeline?

We swiftly uncover core issues and heal together. No more months of therapy before breakthroughs. Start connecting with your body and accelerating inner healing in your life.

Our Trauma Release Coaching Options

Whether you're curious about trauma issues, have questions about our services, or simply want to connect with Alida for any other reason, we're here for you!

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Whether you're curious about trauma issues, have questions about our services, or simply want to connect with Alida for any other reason, we're here for you!

Ready to get in touch? Click below!

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Trauma Release FAQs

What is Trauma Release Coaching? ..and how can it benefit me?

Trauma Release Coaching, guided by Alida's expertise, offers a safe and supportive process. It gently and permanently aids in healing past traumas, whether stemming from childhood, trauma bonding, generational trauma, traumatic experiences, or unknown origins, including PTSD. Our tailored sessions provide invaluable insights, coping tools, and emotional liberation, empowering you to lead a more fulfilling life. If you're seeking to hire a coach or, even better, a specialized trauma coach, you're in the right place. Our approach addresses your unique needs, fostering lasting positive change, a sense of freedom, and deep personal growth Learn more about Alida Diosa | Trauma Release Coach.

More about PTSD:

How does Trauma Release Coaching differ from traditional therapy or counseling?

Unlike traditional therapy, which delves into extensive mental analysis, Trauma Release Coaching unveils a profound understanding that trauma can become insidiously stuck in the in the body. This unique approach harnesses the body's wisdom to release emotional blocks swiftly, offering practical strategies for rapid growth and transformation. Guided by expert Alida, our coaching ensures a supportive and effective process, emphasizing the importance of addressing trauma through the body rather than a purely logical mind approach. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who need to move fast in their healing and personal development.

More on How Trauma gets stuck in the body:

How does Trauma Release Coaching work if I don't remember or don't know what happened to me?

Alida's Trauma Release Coaching is skillfully crafted to assist individuals, acknowledging that they may experience dissociative amnesia, wherein traumatic events are not fully remembered or comprehended. The emphasis lies in releasing emotional blocks, collaborating with the body's wisdom, and nurturing healing. This approach enables you to undergo positive changes and growth, even if the specific details of past traumas remain elusive. With Alida as your expert coach, expect compassionate guidance throughout your healing journey. Understand more about Trauma in our online lecture "Our hidden Traumas"

More about dissociative amnesia:

What types of traumas or issues does Trauma Release Coaching effectively address?

Trauma Release Coaching provides comprehensive support for a range of issues such as past abuse, loss, anxiety, relationship challenges, and self-esteem issues. Even when the origins of trauma are unclear, this approach effectively releases trauma. It is particularly effective for addressing phobias, performance anxiety, body image concerns, and grief, while also promoting the establishment of healthy boundaries and self-worth. Clients drawn to work with Alida often suspect that their obstacles might stem from childhood trauma, as is often the case. Through this coaching, tools are provided to empower individuals to continue their transformative journey independently, ensuring long-lasting progress. Here is a a comprehensive list of problems Alida can help you with.

More about Childhood Trauma:

Is Trauma Release Coaching the Right Choice for Me?

Absolutely! Trauma Release Coaching is a powerful and specialized approach that goes beyond traditional life coaching. Instead of hiring with a life coach, consider the significant benefits of working with a trauma release coach, like Alida. Our proven approach, integrating somatic experiencing, is designed to help you heal and release past traumas, even when you don't fully understand their origins. With personalized sessions, you'll gain valuable insights, coping tools, and emotional freedom, empowering you to live a more fulfilling life. Our focus is on your unique needs, promoting lasting positive change and growth. Click here to understand more about Alida's process of Trauma Release.

Scientific research supports the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing in trauma release:

What is Trauma Bonding and its Connection to Trauma Release Coaching?

Trauma bonding involves a strong emotional tie formed between an individual and an abuser, often due to cycles of abuse and occasional kindness. It commonly develops during formative years, influencing behavior and relationships unconsciously. Trauma Release Coaching, led by expert Alida Diosa, specifically addresses these bonds, guiding individuals to break free from their effects, even if the origins of these emotional ties are not remembered. This coaching supports individuals in overcoming trauma bonding, enabling the development of healthier relationships. Take a look at some successful client stories here.

More about Trauma Bonding:

How does generational trauma impact individuals, and how can Trauma Release Coaching address it?

Generational trauma and transgenerational trauma are intertwined concepts that delve into the enduring effects of emotional wounds across family lines. Generational trauma, deeply ingrained in familial history, profoundly shapes an individual's behavior and emotional well-being. There exists an almost unconscious fear of releasing this trauma, rooted in a deep-seated concern about severing ties to one's lineage. Trauma Release Coaching, led by the expertise of Alida Diosa, is dedicated to recognizing and confronting these inherited emotional wounds. Within this tailored approach, individuals can disrupt the generational and transgenerational cycles of trauma, paving the way for healing and cultivating a stronger emotional foundation to reclaim their lives.

The link between genetic trauma research, exemplified by studies on events like the Dutch famine and the Holocaust, underscores the pervasive impact of trauma across generations, influencing factors such as health and mental well-being.

More about the Genetics of Trauma: