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From Traumas to Triumphs

Unraveling Blocks stored in us

🚀 Are you ready to leap towards your dreams but feel an unseen barrier holding you back?

It’s those moments when you get sidetracked or make excuses instead of pursuing your goals. (Admit it, sometimes cleaning the kitchen feels easier than facing those intimidating tasks.😞)

Think about the times you started something with passion, only to see it fizzle out. ("At least I started, right? I’ll come back to it later," you tell yourself, but deep down, you doubt it.)

Reflect on the bursts of motivation that led to half-finished projects gathering dust in your mind.💭

Here’s the truth: Those inner limitations and recurring patterns are traumas locked within us.💔

It's ok, we all carry unprocessed wounds😞—traumas from our upbringing or generational struggles. These are the brakes holding us back. These BLOCKS might seem like quirks, but they fuel that nagging feeling that something’s not right, that there’s untapped potential within us.

But guess what? It’s not your capability; it’s the trauma within you! And I can help you release those traumas effectively. 🚀💪

Past experiences

Our bodies cling to past experiences, creating burdens that hinder our true desires.
I help you release these heavy feelings, even if their origins are unknown.

Release emotional wounds

You don't have to carry these burdens anymore. You can release emotional wounds and break free.
As you let go, your innate strength will naturally return, healing as your pain-free self is reconnected within your body.

Inner healing

Picture confidently walking as the wonderful person you were born to be. This transformation is within your reach!
I'm here to guide your inner healing journey. Together, we'll release burdens and traumas, helping you achieve your unique goals.

Transforming Lives

Challenges I Help Resolve Across Various Areas

Trauma Release Coaching SOLUTIONS
Health Problems We Tackle Together


The Relationship with your BODY:

  • Release hidden or suppressed emotions influencing current health issues.
  • Reclaim your vitality and feel alive again.
  • Boost energy and escape fatigue with sovereignty work.
  • Ease chronic pain caused by unresolved trauma.
Book to Reclaim Vitality
Spiritual Problems We Tackle Together


The Relationship with Your Inner Spirit:

  • Escape the turmoil and find peace within.
  • Connect with a higher purpose beyond the chaos.
  • Rekindle your relationship with the divine.
  • Heal the wounds blocking your connection to divine support.
Relationship Problems We Tackle Together


Relationship with People in your life:

  • End the cycle of toxic relationships for good.
  • Establish boundaries to protect your heart.
  • Improve communication and deepen connections.
  • Break the trauma bonds for good!
Work Problems We Tackle Together


Relationship with your talents:

  • Smash through career obstacles and soar.
  • Align your work with your values for genuine fulfillment.
  • Break free from a job that drains your soul.
  • Rediscover passion and purpose in your work.
Finance  Problems We Tackle Together


Relationship with Value:

  • Overcome financial limitations stemming from attachment issues.
  • Transform your mindset about money and abundance.
  • Gain financial wisdom for empowerment.
  • Cultivate abundance for lasting financial security.
Standards Problems We Tackle Together

Quality of life

Relationship with Life Standards:

  • Say goodbye to a life of dissatisfaction.
  • Break free from unhealthy habits that hold you back.
  • Achieve balance between giving and self-care.
  • Embrace a lifestyle aligned with your true values.

Alida's Trauma Release Coaching Services

Relationship Revival Support

Yes, to Strong & Loving Connections that build.

Yes, to Strong & Loving Connections that build.

Soul Spark Restoration

Direct communication with you Inner Spirit.

Direct communication with your Inner Spirit.

Purpose & Progress Boost

A Clear Path from a Heart Aligned Life.

A Clear Path from a Heart Aligned Life.

Wealth & Abundance Awakening

The step to embrace your financial potential.

The step to embrace your financial potential.

Priorities & Identity Update

Renew your self-image and boost your life standards

Time to Elevate your life standards again

First Steps to Freedom An impactful yet gentle trauma release session.

Experience the soothing yet powerful effects of somatic, evidence-based techniques. Gain immediate insights and relief as we target and reduce the triggers and issues you’re experiencing, showcasing the profound impact of our result-driven methods.

This session powerfully demonstrates how your body’s innate wisdom supports and guides your healing. Step into a version of yourself that no longer has to carry past burdens ...MORE INFO

My first Trauma Release Session

Family Constellation | One-on-One Session

Delve into your family's soul in personalized sessions, exploring ancestral entanglements and releasing burdens.

Experience emotional support, confidentiality, and profound shifts in a safe space.

Embark on a liberating exploration that unlocks ancestral healing and empowers you towards greater well-being. Book your session now to start your healing journey. ...MORE INFO

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Whether you're curious about trauma issues, have questions about our services, or simply want to connect with Alida for any other reason, we're here for you!

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Trauma Release FAQs

What is Trauma Release Coaching? ..and how can it benefit me?

Trauma Release Coaching, guided by Alida's expertise, offers a safe and supportive process. It gently and permanently aids in healing past traumas, whether stemming from childhood, trauma bonding, generational trauma, traumatic experiences, or unknown origins, including PTSD. Our tailored sessions provide invaluable insights, coping tools, and emotional liberation, empowering you to lead a more fulfilling life. If you're seeking to hire a coach or, even better, a specialized trauma coach, you're in the right place. Our approach addresses your unique needs, fostering lasting positive change, a sense of freedom, and deep personal growth. Learn more about Alida Diosa | Trauma Release Coach.

More about PTSD:

How does Trauma Release Coaching differ from traditional therapy or counseling?

Unlike traditional therapy, which delves into extensive mental analysis, Trauma Release Coaching unveils a profound understanding that trauma can become insidiously stuck in the in the body. This unique approach harnesses the body's wisdom to release emotional blocks swiftly, offering practical strategies for rapid growth and transformation. Guided by expert Alida, our coaching ensures a supportive and effective process, emphasizing the importance of addressing trauma through the body rather than a purely logical mind approach. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who need to move fast in their healing and personal development.

More on How Trauma gets stuck in the body:

How does Trauma Release Coaching work if I don't remember or don't know what happened to me?

Alida's Trauma Release Coaching is skillfully crafted to assist individuals, acknowledging that they may experience dissociative amnesia, wherein traumatic events are not fully remembered or comprehended. The emphasis lies in releasing emotional blocks, collaborating with the body's wisdom, and nurturing healing. This approach enables you to undergo positive changes and growth, even if the specific details of past traumas remain elusive. With Alida as your expert coach, expect compassionate guidance throughout your healing journey. Understand more about Trauma in our online lecture "Our hidden Traumas"

More about dissociative amnesia:

What types of traumas or issues does Trauma Release Coaching effectively address?

Trauma Release Coaching provides comprehensive support for a range of issues such as past abuse, loss, anxiety, relationship challenges, and self-esteem issues. Even when the origins of trauma are unclear, this approach effectively releases trauma. It is particularly effective for addressing phobias, performance anxiety, body image concerns, and grief, while also promoting the establishment of healthy boundaries and self-worth. Clients drawn to work with Alida often suspect that their obstacles might stem from childhood trauma, as is often the case. Through this coaching, tools are provided to empower individuals to continue their transformative journey independently, ensuring long-lasting progress. Here is a a comprehensive list of problems Alida can help you with.

More about Childhood Trauma:

Is Trauma Release Coaching the Right Choice for Me?

Absolutely! Trauma Release Coaching is a powerful and specialized approach that goes beyond traditional life coaching. Instead of hiring with a life coach, consider the significant benefits of working with a trauma release coach, like Alida. Our proven approach, integrating somatic experiencing, is designed to help you heal and release past traumas, even when you don't fully understand their origins. With personalized sessions, you'll gain valuable insights, coping tools, and emotional freedom, empowering you to live a more fulfilling life. Our focus is on your unique needs, promoting lasting positive change and growth. Click here to understand more about Alida's process of Trauma Release.

Scientific research supports the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing in trauma release:

What is Trauma Bonding and its Connection to Trauma Release Coaching?

Trauma bonding involves a strong emotional tie formed between an individual and an abuser, often due to cycles of abuse and occasional kindness. It commonly develops during formative years, influencing behavior and relationships unconsciously. Trauma Release Coaching, led by expert Alida Diosa, specifically addresses these bonds, guiding individuals to break free from their effects, even if the origins of these emotional ties are not remembered. This coaching supports individuals in overcoming trauma bonding, enabling the development of healthier relationships. Take a look at some successful client stories.

More about Trauma Bonding:

How does generational trauma impact individuals, and how can Trauma Release Coaching address it?

Generational trauma and transgenerational trauma are intertwined concepts that delve into the enduring effects of emotional wounds across family lines. Generational trauma, deeply ingrained in familial history, profoundly shapes an individual's behavior and emotional well-being. There exists an almost unconscious fear of releasing this trauma, rooted in a deep-seated concern about severing ties to one's lineage. Trauma Release Coaching, led by the expertise of Alida Diosa, is dedicated to recognizing and confronting these inherited emotional wounds. Within this tailored approach, individuals can disrupt the generational and transgenerational cycles of trauma, paving the way for healing and cultivating a stronger emotional foundation to reclaim their lives.

The link between genetic trauma research, exemplified by studies on events like the Dutch famine and the Holocaust, underscores the pervasive impact of trauma across generations, influencing factors such as health and mental well-being.

More about the Genetics of Trauma:

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Trauma Explained: Essential Answers

What is Trauma?

Trauma is the deep-seated psychological response to highly distressing events, often extending from unmet needs during our developmental years. It significantly impacts mental, emotional, and physical well-being, stemming from the body's reaction to distress. It's important to note that trauma is stored in the body, and the fact that it can become unconscious doesn't necessarily mean it has been fully processed.

Can childhood trauma manifest in adulthood?

Yes, childhood trauma can manifest in adulthood. Unresolved or unprocessed childhood trauma can impact an individual's emotional, mental, and physical health in their adult years, influencing behaviors, reactions, and overall well-being. As children, without adult support, it's incredibly challenging to process trauma by ourselves. It's often in adulthood that unresolved trauma resurfaces, seeking resolution and processing.

Is it possible for trauma to lead to physical health issues?

Yes, trauma can manifest in physical health issues. Chronic stress from trauma can affect the body, leading to conditions like headaches, digestive problems, weakened immune responses, and even chronic pain.

What are common signs of Trauma?

Signs of trauma often include recurring triggers, nightmares, anger, anxiety, lack of motivation, detachment from others, inability to feel emotions, difficulty concentrating, and a strong avoidance of situations, topics, or places linked to the traumatic event. While it varies for each person, a consistent inner discomfort, especially if recurring, can be a clear sign of unresolved trauma.

How is Trauma affecting my daily life?

Trauma can significantly affect your daily life, influencing your emotions, relationships, and overall mental health, often leading to ongoing stress, increased anxiety, and difficulty coping with various situations. For instance, it might manifest as avoiding places or situations that trigger distressing memories, causing social isolation and challenges in personal connections.

Can trauma impact one's ability to trust others?

Trauma can significantly impact an individual's ability to trust. It often creates barriers in forming trusting relationships, resulting in skepticism, fear, and difficulties in establishing connections due to past traumatic experiences.

How does trauma affect the brain?

Trauma can significantly affect brain functioning, leading to changes in memory, decision-making, and emotional regulation. Additionally, trauma in the body creates fragmentation in our perception and brain abilities, impacting various cognitive and emotional processes.

Are flashbacks trauma symptoms?

Yes, flashbacks are a common symptom of trauma. They're vivid, distressing memories of the traumatic event. The body's constant signaling through flashbacks is a call for support, prompting individuals to seek assistance in processing these distressing experiences.

What are the signs of unresolved trauma?

Signs of unresolved trauma include anxiety, recurring nightmares, difficulty concentrating, and avoidance of triggers related to the traumatic event, such as crowded places or specific situations that remind the individual of the distressing experience.  

What is Trauma Bonding?

Trauma bonding typically arises from abusive cycles, creating a strong emotional connection between an individual and an abuser, often initiated during childhood. Depending on its severity, it might become a complex subconscious addiction, necessitating the assistance of a trauma specialist for resolution.  

Trauma Bonding examples:

Trauma bonding examples include emotional reliance on an abusive partner, excusing their behavior, and returning despite recognizing the harm. Individuals struggle to create distance even when aware of the relationship's destructive nature, feeling discomfort or anxiety when attempting to break away. This emotional attachment can override rational understanding of the harm.

Can trauma bonding be overcome?

Yes, trauma bonding can be overcome through tailored approaches, often involving a Trauma specialist, emotional healing, and creating healthy boundaries. It may vary for individuals based on the severity and personal healing journey.

Is Transgenerational Trauma Real?

Transgenerational trauma is indeed real. It involves the transmission of trauma's impacts across generations without direct exposure to the traumatic event itself. This means that the emotional patterns and effects of trauma persist and influence future generations, even without them directly experiencing the original traumatic event.

How to break free from Generational Trauma?

Breaking free from generational trauma involves recognizing the patterns and behaviors passed down through generations. It's essential to detach the emotional connection from perpetuating these patterns. Seeking guidance from a Trauma Release Coach can aid in this process. The key is to interrupt the cycle and create new, healthier behavioral and emotional responses.

People Pleaser, is it a Trauma Response?

Yes, being a people pleaser often results from trauma. It's a coping mechanism that seeks to avoid conflict, prioritize others' needs, and create a sense of safety. This behavior emerges from a place of survival and can be tied to past traumatic experiences.

How to Heal from People Pleasing?

Healing from people-pleasing often begins with observing moments where the need for acceptance arises, allowing yourself the space to explore without judgment. However, addressing this can be challenging, which is why working with a trauma specialist is recommended.

Why haven't I healed from Grief?

The duration of the grief process is highly individual and varies widely. There isn't a specific timeline or set period for grieving, as it's influenced by the nature of the loss, the relationship to the deceased, and the individual's coping mechanisms. Specialized assistance can greatly assist in navigating this process.

Why is being highly independent a Trauma Response?

Being highly independent, where you push away support from others, can be a response to childhood experiences where relying on others wasn't safe or supportive. This could arise from situations where caregivers neglected your needs or any other instance where becoming independent felt necessary. It can also manifest in your adult life as a need for control.

What are the symptoms of Religious Trauma?

Symptoms of religious trauma often encompass anxiety, guilt, fear, and negative self-beliefs arising from religious practices. These experiences, often enforced by caregivers or groups, may impose beliefs and behaviors misaligned with your personal values

Is it possible to heal from Trauma?

Yes, it's possible to heal from trauma through specialized professional support, self-care practices, and engaging in various healing modalities. Working with a Trauma Release Coach like Alida can significantly expedite this healing journey. Book a Free Assessment session with Alida for faster progress.

How to break free from Trauma Bonding?

Because it involves a lot of relearning behavior, breaking free from trauma bonding is a journey that might take time. Working with a trauma specialist offers the best chance of healing and breaking free from these patterns, providing hope for a brighter, healthier future.

What is Generational Trauma?

Generational trauma is the transmission of trauma-related symptoms and behaviors across successive generations, often manifesting as behavioral patterns and emotional responses that echo the trauma experienced by the family lineage. This cycle of unhealed trauma affects the emotional well-being of successive family members.

How is Generational Trauma passed down?

Generational Trauma is passed down through the transmission of learned behaviors, stress responses, and emotional patterns from one generation to the next, perpetuating a cycle of unresolved emotional distress. Alcoholism is a recurring behavior passed down through family lines.

How is Fawning a Trauma Response?

Fawning is a trauma response rooted in people-pleasing or compliance, often observed in individuals exposed to traumatic experiences. It involves prioritizing others' needs and compliance as a means of coping. In nature, this behavior might have helped to maintain social bonds and ensure safety within a community.

Why am I a People Pleaser?

Understanding the roots of people-pleasing tendencies is vital for healing and personal growth. Being a people pleaser often originates from a deep need for approval and safety, often linked to past traumatic experiences. Coping mechanisms take time to be accepted and rewired by the brain and body..

How to Heal from Grief?

Grief can significantly affect mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It may lead to emotional distress such as feelings of sadness, anger, or confusion. Relationships can also be impacted, often causing strain or isolation due to changes in behavior or emotional availability. Mentally, it could affect your ability to concentrate, make decisions, or cope with day-to-day tasks. Seeking support and allowing space for healing are vital during this period.  

How is grief affecting me?

Grief can greatly affect mental, emotional, and physical health. It brings emotional distress like sadness, anger, and confusion. Relationships might strain due to behavior changes, leading to isolation. Physically, disrupted sleep, appetite changes, fatigue, and stress could occur. Mentally, it can hinder focus, decision-making, and daily tasks. Support, space Specialized help are essential for healing.

Is my hair turning white because of Trauma?

Hair turning white is often attributed to various factors, such as genetics, copper deficiency, and stress. While stress may impact hair health, no direct scientific evidence confirms a correlation between trauma and white hair.

Can Ghosting someone cause Trauma?

Ghosting can potentially cause trauma, especially for individuals sensitive to abrupt disconnections or those in significant relationships. The sudden, unexplained break in communication can contribute to trauma symptoms.

How can I identify the specific trauma I need to address?

The very need to understand and pinpoint the specifics of your trauma might, in itself, be a trauma response—attempting to maintain control. Addressing this need for control and certainty can be an initial step towards healing. You don't have to identify the trauma to start working with a Trauma Release Coach specialist like Alida Diosa.