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We offer multiple one-on-one Trauma Release Coaching options, a diverse range from intense all-day immersions to practical trial sessions.

Unleash Your Potential | Trial Session

Experience a potent Trauma Release Coaching session for immediate insights and relief. We address specific concerns, demonstrating the effectiveness of our techniques.
Unleash Your Potential - Trial Session: Counts as Session 1, with a fee deductible from any other package—a win-win choice!

(50minutes | 369$).

Family Constellation | One-on-One Session

Delve into your family's soul in personalized sessions, exploring ancestral entanglements and releasing burdens. Experience emotional support, confidentiality, and profound shifts in a safe space. Embark on a liberating exploration that unlocks ancestral healing and empowers you towards greater well-being. Book your session now to start your healing journey.
(50minutes | 399$)

REVELATION | Client-Preferred Packages

Awaken Your True Self!

Embark on a transformative journey within to uncover your authenticity. Reconnect with your body's wisdom, tune into the whispers of your heart, and begin embracing your genuine essence.

(6 Sessions 1888$)


Dive into Your Future Self!

Conquer life's obstacles, define your deepest desires, and shatter the limitations in your path. Unpeel the layers that hinder your progress, propelling you towards swift and tangible transformation.

(9 Sessions - 2222$)


Shine as Your Authentic Self!

Embark on a profound journey of personal growth and liberation. Liberate yourself from past traumas and limiting beliefs, dismantle destructive patterns, and unveil the radiant, authentic you. Access lasting freedom and self-discovery.

(12 Sessions - 2444$)

Sovereign Goddess Elevation | VIP

Reconnect with your divine essence during this half-day Goddess Awakening Journey. In three hours, heal wounds, discover self-love, and embrace your inner goddess.

(Intense Half Day - 3 Hours 2666$)

The Empowerment Odyssey | VIP

Embark on a life-altering journey with our all-day Total Liberation Immersion. Unlock your potential, liberate yourself from past traumas, shatter limiting beliefs, and emerge with newfound clarity and unshakable confidence.

(Intense All Day-6 Hours $4440)

Emergency Coaching Session | Client Exclusive

For our valued clients who have previously worked with us and are already equipped with our Trauma Release tools, we offer an exclusive Emergency Coaching Session. This session is designed to provide immediate support whenever you encounter internal obstacles that require urgent attention.

(50minutes | 250$)

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Our personalized approach, often delivered in sets of three sessions, has shown remarkable results, especially for those working with a coach for over 2 moths.

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In each of my coaching packages, we embark on a powerful journey to release emotional blocks and traumas, paving the way for you to achieve your unique goals and desires. The depth of our transformational work is tailored to the number of sessions you choose.

The weight of the past no longer needs to hold you back, for you hold the power to create profound change in your life. Your commitment to showing up and actively participating is the key to your success, and I'm here to walk alongside you with my gentle yet highly effective approach.

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Trauma Release FAQs

What is Trauma Release Coaching? ..and how can it benefit me?

Trauma Release Coaching, guided by Alida's expertise, offers a safe and supportive process. It gently and permanently aids in healing past traumas, whether stemming from childhood, trauma bonding, generational trauma, traumatic experiences, or unknown origins, including PTSD. Our tailored sessions provide invaluable insights, coping tools, and emotional liberation, empowering you to lead a more fulfilling life. If you're seeking to hire a coach or, even better, a specialized trauma coach, you're in the right place. Our approach addresses your unique needs, fostering lasting positive change, a sense of freedom, and deep personal growth Learn more about Alida Diosa | Trauma Release Coach.

More about PTSD:

How does Trauma Release Coaching differ from traditional therapy or counseling?

Unlike traditional therapy, which delves into extensive mental analysis, Trauma Release Coaching unveils a profound understanding that trauma can become insidiously stuck in the in the body. This unique approach harnesses the body's wisdom to release emotional blocks swiftly, offering practical strategies for rapid growth and transformation. Guided by expert Alida, our coaching ensures a supportive and effective process, emphasizing the importance of addressing trauma through the body rather than a purely logical mind approach. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who need to move fast in their healing and personal development.

More on How Trauma gets stuck in the body:

How does Trauma Release Coaching work if I don't remember or don't know what happened to me?

Alida's Trauma Release Coaching is skillfully crafted to assist individuals, acknowledging that they may experience dissociative amnesia, wherein traumatic events are not fully remembered or comprehended. The emphasis lies in releasing emotional blocks, collaborating with the body's wisdom, and nurturing healing. This approach enables you to undergo positive changes and growth, even if the specific details of past traumas remain elusive. With Alida as your expert coach, expect compassionate guidance throughout your healing journey. Understand more about Trauma in our online lecture "Our hidden Traumas"

More about dissociative amnesia:

What types of traumas or issues does Trauma Release Coaching effectively address?

Trauma Release Coaching provides comprehensive support for a range of issues such as past abuse, loss, anxiety, relationship challenges, and self-esteem issues. Even when the origins of trauma are unclear, this approach effectively releases trauma. It is particularly effective for addressing phobias, performance anxiety, body image concerns, and grief, while also promoting the establishment of healthy boundaries and self-worth. Clients drawn to work with Alida often suspect that their obstacles might stem from childhood trauma, as is often the case. Through this coaching, tools are provided to empower individuals to continue their transformative journey independently, ensuring long-lasting progress. Here is a a comprehensive list of problems Alida can help you with.

More about Childhood Trauma:

Is Trauma Release Coaching the Right Choice for Me?

Absolutely! Trauma Release Coaching is a powerful and specialized approach that goes beyond traditional life coaching. Instead of hiring with a life coach, consider the significant benefits of working with a trauma release coach, like Alida. Our proven approach, integrating somatic experiencing, is designed to help you heal and release past traumas, even when you don't fully understand their origins. With personalized sessions, you'll gain valuable insights, coping tools, and emotional freedom, empowering you to live a more fulfilling life. Our focus is on your unique needs, promoting lasting positive change and growth. Click here to understand more about Alida's process of Trauma Release.

Scientific research supports the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing in trauma release:

What is Trauma Bonding and its Connection to Trauma Release Coaching?

Trauma bonding involves a strong emotional tie formed between an individual and an abuser, often due to cycles of abuse and occasional kindness. It commonly develops during formative years, influencing behavior and relationships unconsciously. Trauma Release Coaching, led by expert Alida Diosa, specifically addresses these bonds, guiding individuals to break free from their effects, even if the origins of these emotional ties are not remembered. This coaching supports individuals in overcoming trauma bonding, enabling the development of healthier relationships. Take a look at some successful client stories here.

More about Trauma Bonding:

How does generational trauma impact individuals, and how can Trauma Release Coaching address it?

Generational trauma and transgenerational trauma are intertwined concepts that delve into the enduring effects of emotional wounds across family lines. Generational trauma, deeply ingrained in familial history, profoundly shapes an individual's behavior and emotional well-being. There exists an almost unconscious fear of releasing this trauma, rooted in a deep-seated concern about severing ties to one's lineage. Trauma Release Coaching, led by the expertise of Alida Diosa, is dedicated to recognizing and confronting these inherited emotional wounds. Within this tailored approach, individuals can disrupt the generational and transgenerational cycles of trauma, paving the way for healing and cultivating a stronger emotional foundation to reclaim their lives.

The link between genetic trauma research, exemplified by studies on events like the Dutch famine and the Holocaust, underscores the pervasive impact of trauma across generations, influencing factors such as health and mental well-being.

More about the Genetics of Trauma:

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